How do YOU perceive stress?

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Hi, I am Judith, the working mom next door. For two decades, I have been juggling family, work, and lifestyle. As a mother, I often reached my limits, especially during the years as a single mom. Thus, I know what it means

  • to feel fatigued,
  • to feel burned out,
  • to suffer from a lack of energy,
  • or to have your hormones out of whack.

Frankly, from a medical point of view, none of those symptoms were severe in my case. Nevertheless, they were still unpleasant enough to do something about it. Thus began my journey to learn all I could…

From monolingual to multiligual!

Traveling the world and learning langages with ease

This is a story about a handicap: Yes, I felt incapable to learn foreign languages!

Since I was a child, I failed at learning languages at school. Italian — the grammar just didn’t do it for me. My teacher was a bully, and I felt intimidated by her from the age of seven. Latin — I gave up. English — I was unable to get out a straight sentence.

Nevertheless, I felt intrinsically motivated to go to London after completing high school. My teacher asked me what I wanted to do professionally. …

The practice of breathing, meditation, and yoga isn’t just for hippies!

Fight-or-flight or rest-and-digest
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Stress is one of our biggest enemies! In the past, it came in form of the tiger, which prompted us to fight, flight, or freeze. Today we are rarely chased by a tiger, at best we get a glance of the big cat at the local zoo. Nowadays, we have new stressors that threaten us. One stressor chases us in particular: Mental stress due to negative thoughts!

Negative thinking can boost ADRENALIN and NORADRENALIN in your body. If you wake up with a handful of new gray hair, that might be due to an excess of Noradrenalin.

Here is an…

How to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy Mother

stress management for busy mothers for stress relief
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How does it feel when you are meditating in the morning and your child slams open the door right as you are syncing into a deeper level of consciousness? Your little prince pumps into your retreat of solitude and demands that his essential need for food must be met immediately. Even if you manage to make your toddler wait a bit, you still feel torn out of the “flow” and decide to end the meditation. Maybe it’ll work tomorrow?

Stress-reducing mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or yoga are highly effective. There is enough scientific evidence to back that up. …

Breathwork for Clarity of Mind, Stress Relief, and a Toned Belly

Breathing techniques for stress relief and clarity of mind
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

In his book, James Nestor calls breath a ‘lost art’. Why lost? Nothing is more essential to our life than breathing. Ironically, most of us have forgotten, how to breathe properly! In a world where we are so focused on optimizing our health and beauty, we still underestimate the power of breath. Getting your breathing in order can save you from needing expensive detox treatments and even mental therapy.

The Power of Breathwork

According to James Nestor, author of “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”, based on all those popular ancient techniques like yoga and meditation, there is the art of conscious…

5 Tips on How to Meet Your Priorities for a Purposeful Life

Prioritize for purposeful living that gives you more energy, fulfillment and happiness in life; image by:

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing”, says Jim Kwik. He is the author of the bestselling book Limitless — the ultimate guide for self-mastery and purposeful living. Not time management, but priority management is key for achieving our goals.

Life is short. Time and energy are the most precious asset we possess. Every day we have the power to decide how to use our energy within the given time. …

Yes, you are right. I also use Erythritol or Xylitol sometimes, in favor to the low glycamic response. Buts since those sugars are quite new yet, and long term effects have not been proven yet entirely, I prefer using traditional foods. Dates come with loads of fibres and minerals, and it also has some mood-boosting Tryptophan, and as such I see a higher health benefit in it:)

Gluten-Free French Chocolate Cake for Your Sweetheart

low-carb gluten-free chocolate cake by
Photo by Judith Eppacher: gluten-free French chocolate cake & lactose-free Latte Macchiato

While being locked indoors, some of us may feel the urge of creating our own sweet treats. Since many in my surroundings avoid the consumption of gluten and sugar, I keep experimenting with new recipes.

This week I managed to turn a recipe for a French chocolate cake into its low-carb and gluten-free version. It was a hit in terms of consistency and taste. What strikes me most though, was that I can turn a handful of ingredients into such a mouthwatering experience. Therefore, I have used gut-soothing ingredients only.

This recipe is free of:

  • conventional sugar
  • hydrogenized oils
  • plain…

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